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Servicing all of the Beaches and Greater Jacksonville!

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MAXLAWN CORP offers this aggressive lawn program in 8 applications per year or monthly.  We provide pest control for chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, grubs, and offer flea & tick treatments and fire ant services.

We offer monthly custom programs for Premier Bermuda and Zoysia lawns.

We are absolute experts in killing weeds without damaging your lawn, even in the hot summer months. Our program also addresses diseases and fungus control. Lawn applications vary from 42 to 45 days apart and the tree and shrub applications are 6 times per year.

Winter Service: Early season balanced fertilization with a high level of potassium is used to jump start the root system and encourage growth depending on soil temperatures. Full coverage weed pre-emergent and post emergent is applied for any existing weeds.

Early Spring Service: A custom slow-released balanced fertilization is applied to encourage new growth as it recovers from winter stress. Weed control is also used at this time to eliminate any that may still be present. Depending on soil temperatures, micro nutrients may be used at this time.

Late Spring Service: A balanced fertilization package that includes micro nutrients such as iron and manganese are applied at this time to provide generous growth and a healthy Spring green up. Weed control is used accordingly and insect control may be used depending on soil temperatures.

Early Summer Service: A balanced fertilization treatment with a full micro nutrient package is applied at this time to maintain a consistent green lawn. Full coverage insect control is a must to prevent the possibility of insect overpopulation and/or damage. Summer weed control is provided as needed.

Summer Service: A custom Summer fertilization package that includes a full insect treatment for lawn damaging insects is applied. A full micro nutrient package is also provided to promote a healthy, vigorous stand of Summer turf. Summer weed control continues to be provided as necessary.

Late Summer Service: Full coverage insect control is a must at this time of year to control turf damaging insects such as chinch bugs, mole crickets and sod web worms. A full balanced fertilization package is also included to continue to promote healthy green turf. Summer weed control is provided as needed.

Early Fall Service: Extra Potassium, generally called potash, is increased with the fertilization package at this time of year to help the turf recover from Summer stress. Turf is closely monitored for the possibility of fungus. Insect control and weed control are applied to continue to provide a healthy green lawn.

Fall Service: A custom Fall fertilization that is extra rich in potassium is applied, which will help protect the turf from the possibility of cold weather extremes. A full coverage weed control is provided at this time to suppress the germination of winter weeds. The lawn is closely monitored for fungus and insects and is treated as necessary.

Cultural Practices: Proper mowing height and watering is essential to the success of any turf program. The importance of a sharp mower blade and proper watering must go hand in hand to provide the best obtainable results possible. We look forward to our next visit with you.


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