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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How will I know how much it will cost for MAXLAWN CORP to treat my lawn or shrubs?
  • A. We will happily visit your property to provide a free estimate and landscape analysis especially prepared for you.
  • Q.Will I need to water my yard after my treatments?
  • A. During our visit to your home we will leave you watering instructions along with our Landscape Inspection notes and a list of services we performed on your lawn that day. Please follow our watering instructions to optimize the treatments. Under normal circumstances, pre-dawn early morning watering is the best time so that the grass blades can dry naturally with the sunrise. Early morning watering also provides less evaporation, and most of the water will penetrate into the soil. Regular, deep watering is better than daily light sprinklings. Deep watering will force the roots to penetrate deeper in search of moisture and thus provide a stronger root system.
  • Q.How will I receive my invoices?
  • A. We typically leave invoices and instructions in door hanger bags on your front door at the time of service, unless previous alternative billing arrangements have been made by you.
  • Q.What kind of payments do you accept?
  • A. We accept checks, cash and credit card payments by phone.
  • Q.What should I do if I notice something in my yard that concerns me?
  • A. Please call the office immediately and make us aware of your concerns. This will expedite a free service call to address the issues. Simple as that.



  • Q.How should I mow to help with my lawn achieve its full potential?
  • A. To achieve the thickest and most uniformity, a standard 20″ 0r 22″ self propelled mulching mower raised to its highest setting with an extra sharp mower blade is recommended. Since the root system of a grass plant grows somewhat proportionately to the above ground parts of the plant, a longer cutting height results in a stronger, deeper root system and a healthier lawn. Sharp mower blades are very important because a dull blade tears the grass blades instead of cutting it, leaving the grass to excessively bleed, which invites the opportunity for problems like diseases to infest the lawn.
  • Q.When can my pets and children go back in the lawn after my treatments?
  • A.You can safely let your children and pets onto the lawn once the treatment has completely dried, unless otherwise noted on your service instructions.
  • Q.What will aeration do for my lawn?
  • A. Aeration creates small holes in the soil, allowing air and water penetration into the root zone of the grass. This process relieves compacted soil and improves root development thereby helping develop a stronger more stress resistant plant and improved thickness in the lawn.
  • Q.What if it rains after my lawn was serviced?
  • A. If your lawn gets a good, moderate rain it will water in the products applied and extra irrigation will not be required. Natural rainfall actually increases the efficacy of the application.
  • Q.What payment methods do you accept? 

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