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Tree & Shrub Fertilization

MAXLAWN recommends regularly scheduled fertilization and insect & disease applications of both trees and shrubs. It is very important to keep them healthy and flourishing to battle our ever changing weather patterns and plant destroying organisms that are presently here in Northeast Florida.

Our Tree and Shrub program offers custom fertilization coupled with the perfect timing of Insect and disease applications, which provides a healthy looking landscape.

5 Applications a year are now recommended to battle Insect and Disease activity as we are engaging organisms that are not native to Florida. These Insects and Diseases are from foreign countries like Asia and Thailand, to name a few, and require more attention. 6 applications spaces them roughly 55 days apart.

We know plants! Trust us to identify and correct any issues in your landscape.

Deep Root Tree Injection

MAXLAWN has a special tree needle that injects a custom fertilizer formulation into the soil about 2 feet deep all around the tree in circular patterns. We can perform this injection on small plants and even 100 year old Oak trees. This allows for a quicker absorption and also aerates the soil.

This process will provide:

  • Promotion of rapid growth
  • Increase in color and vigor
  • Greater structural strength of limbs and branches
  • Builds tolerance against insect and disease activity
  • Definitive increases in flower and fruit production